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I'm ready to Set-up a Hotspot, but Can't I Do This Myself?

Many of our customers originally tried to set-up HotSpots themselves, only to learn running a HotSpot takes more
than a simple router. Here's a quick check-list to help you decide what's best for your business:

Support multiple pricing models to allow free access, standard rate plans, or customized rate plans
Provide multiple models for free access - such as only allowing access for specific periods of time, or allowing access only with in-store purchase
Enforce customer acceptance of your User Policy and Terms of Service
Ability to capture end-users credit card in user-pay models
On-line portal to monitor usage statistics in your venue and revenue earned
Tier 1 Data Center with redundancy to ensure 99% system availability
 Technical Features & Security
Security features to prevent wireless users from accessing any other PC's on the network - including all of your in-store PC's and other wireless users
Supports SMTP Server Redirection so your users can access their email without re-configuring their email program
Support VPNs (virtual private networks) for corporate users
Supports up to 100 simultaneous users
Continuous network monitoring to ensure 100% availability for your customers
Technical support for venue during installation and on-going service
Toll-free support line available 24 / 7/ 365 for end-user or venue technical & customer service questions
End-user instruction cards & frequently asked questions
 Marketing & Promotions
Promotional material such as posters, window decals, or table-top tents to identify your location as a wireless HotSpot
Ability to capture user information for future marketing and promotional programs
Co-branded log-in portal
Re-direct user to your web-site upon log-in
Ability to download customer marketing information (if the user elected to receive promotional information during the registration process)
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