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Sign Up As An Individual:

You may sign up for a user account here or at any Hot Point location.

Note: If you sign up for a user account outside of a Hot Point location you will not be able to connect to the Internet via the Hot Point service until you go to a Hot Point location or a roaming partner location.

Choose any one of our pricing plans and click the "Sign-Up Now!" link below:

HotPoint Short Term +
$2.95 for 20 minutes $.10 each additional minute

HotPoint Hourly +
$3.95 for 60 minutes $.10 for each additional minute

HotPoint Daily
$7.95 for 24 Hour period

HotPoint Monthly 200 minute
$12.95, Monthly with automatic renewal.
.10 cents per minute after 200 minutes of usage in month.

HotPoint Monthly
$19.95, Monthly with automatic renewal

HotPoint Month to Month
$29.95 per Month, Month to Month (No Automatic Renewal)

Check here to indicate that you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Hot Point Subscriber Agreement:
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