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Hot Point Wireless HotSpot Security Statement:

In providing this Security Statement and the FAQs that follow, Hot Point endeavors to assist users in learning more about the security limitations and features of our hotspot service.

Please do check out the Security FAQs >>

Notice About Security On Wi-Fi Networks:
Public wireless Internet access providers such as Hot Point do not provide WEP or WPA encryption of Internet traffic to and from your computer. This means that text, emails and instant messaging is sent "in the clear" unless you specifically use encryption technology.

If you require encrypted access to the Internet you should take these steps:
Our network does support secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) access. If your company has a VPN, we recommend that you use it for optimum security.
If you do not have a company VPN, try a third party VPN service such as
Access your email server via SSL or use your ISP's SSL secured WebMail.
Utilize SSH (secure shell host).
You should always observe standard security practices on the Internet:
Only submit passwords and credit card information to SSL secured websites. Check for the "SSL Secure" icon on your web browser.
Enable "personal firewall" on your computer.
Use anti-virus software and keep your anti-virus DAT files upto date.
Never open attachments that you are not expecting or that are from people you do not know.
Never forward an email that asks you to forward it to all your friends, without checking the Urban Legends Reference Pages.


The Hot Point network is based on evolving wireless technology and is not inherently secure. We therefore cannot guarantee the privacy of your data and communications while using the hotspot service. Wireless LAN (local area network) services, like Hot Point, include over-the-air communications that may be illicitly intercepted by equipment and software designed for that purpose. For your protection, at all hotspot locations, credit card or other payment card information you send to us via our website is encrypted using secure socket layer ("SSL") technology. Similarly, at all hotspot locations, the Hot Point password change process is encrypted using SSL technology. Except in a small number of locations where the hotspot login page notes otherwise (and requires you to check a box by the notice before using the service), customer's user names and passwords are encrypted by means of SSL technology, which prevents unauthorized persons from reading that information. However, other user communications are transmitted "in the clear" (meaning they are not encrypted) and so may be vulnerable to unauthorized interception. Additionally, devices using wireless connections may be more vulnerable to illicit attempts to access data and software stored on the device.

Hot Point strongly recommends users take measures to secure their devices and Internet communications. We encourage and support user-provided security solutions, including virtual private networks, encryption and personal firewalls. It is the user's responsibility to take precautions and provide security measures suited to their situation and intended use of the service. Hot Point does not currently provide these solutions to users and cannot guarantee or otherwise be responsible for their effectiveness. Hot Point advises that safeguards should be used for any use of wireless technology via any service provider. If you are interested in learning more, a few sources of additional information are: the National Infrastructure Protection Center's website at and CERT's website at

Please keep in mind that this statement and the FAQs only address the Hot Point wireless local area network, and are limited in scope. They do not and are not intended to cover all types of network, device or Internet security issues or risks. For example, wired and wireless networks and devices (such as PDAs, desk top and laptop computers, and servers) may be susceptible to viruses, Trojan horses, and denial of service attacks. We encourage users to use other resources, such as those found on the Internet, and at libraries or in bookstores, for comprehensive information concerning these and other security risks and issues. Hot Point may update this Security Statement and the FAQs from time to time. Please check them regularly for updates. If you have questions about privacy, please see the Privacy Policy posted on the Hot Point web site.


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